Saturday, March 22, 2008

Purim !

Purim, to those who aren't familiar with it, is a Jewish holiday, where we put on customs (well, kids mostly) and send "mishloach manot" ("sending of portions" according to The Book of Esther).
So this is the "Mishloach Manot" I made. It's made of 2 coffee tins (empty, of course), that I cleaned & covered.

The first, I wrapped in a brownish paper, and glued on it green bristol paper doodles cut in my brand new Cuttlebug machine. The tiny flowers were punched out of scrap paper, and then I covered everything with a transparent sticky book cover.

The second, I wrapped in a grayish paper, and glued on it paper paisleys cut in my brand new Cuttlebug machine. Those paisley - some of them - are made with tiny bits & pieces such as flowers, leaves and dots. Then I covered everything with a transparent sticky book cover.

The card I added was not what I planned. I started out wanting to use an embossing folder in my Cuttlebug, and when I got the result - the whole card changed. It's a simple card, but very fitting, in my opinion.

And to end it all - a little handmade gift - a beaded key chain:

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Garden Fun

Here's my brand new kit. Hope you like it, I had a great time creating it.

Special thanks to Atomic Cupcake.

Download HERE

Download HERE

Don't forget to let me know how you like it. Comments are much appreciated.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

To hunt or not to hunt, that is the question

If you check my blog frequently, you've probably noticed I haven't hunted in two weeks.
Last week I posted a huge freebie, which took me a long time to work on, leaving no time to hunt, and this week I was just wondering if I should continue or not.

I started hunting a long time ago, when I first entered the world of digital scrapbooking. After a long time, having many many sources, I decided to open this blog and share my hunting with others.
Lately - the last few months actually - I started designing for myself and found that I rarely hunt for me, but mostly for this blog. Since I hardly get any comments on my hunts, I don't even know if other people use my hunts or find them effective and helpful.

So please let me know if you have use for these hunts, and if you want me to continue hunting for you.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

My New Mini-Mega-Kit

I know Valentine came and went, but It took me a long time to get this kit ready, especially when I had almost no time this month to work on it...
So here it is, finally, my Valentine's Mini-Mega-Kit.

In this kit you'll find:
24 Papers
24 Buttons
13 Ribbons
8 Bows
10 Arrows
7 Flowers
3 Sequins
18 Word Blocks (9 words in 2 colors)

Special thanks to atomic cupcake.

Download paper pack 1

Download paper pack 2

Download elements

Have fun, and don't forget to ket me know what you think of it.

All comments are very welcome.