Sunday, July 20, 2008

It's been a while...

Actually, I'm a little surprised it's been only a month since I've last written here, cause it seems like it's been so much more then that.

In that time I've opened a new blog, in Hebrew, and I've been seriously busy with swaps and creations, and so many things, I'm not sure I'll be able to put them all in here now... But I sure will try.

The first thing to show is another altered notebook I've made to a friend, in an altered notebook swap. Her nick is "Butterflies", and this is the notebook she got:

And this is the card that went along with the notebook:

I made some fabric ATC's :

And a little too late I realised I forgot to leave a space to write my details on the back, so I embroidered my name on the back:

I was quite saddened to realise that the envelope containing Fabric ATC's I was supposed to get went missing, and never reached me...

I also participated in a couple of Deco's:

Miniature - in which I created a mini puzzle. I started with a simple frame, and the idea built from there.

The second Deco was "Home", and I based my page on a song about a snail:

The words say, roughly translated:
"It's hard being a snail
That want to go abroad
To it's house it's bound
All the time..."

Working on these Deco's gave me the urge to create my own, So I did. I created 2 Deco's, that have started they're journey:

Scrapbooking -

And Songs -

I created my own Button Fairy:

Actually I made two of those, and both ended up in other homes, but I got one as a gift from a friend:

There are other swaps and even a card tutorial, but I'll save those to another post, another day, soon.

Have fun.