Saturday, July 28, 2007

My Birthday

I haven't thought so much about any of my birthdays as I did about this one. Maybe it's because of the "How Old Are You" challenge I did for "All about Eve" a few weeks ago.
So, tomorrow (on Sunday, actually) I'll be 37. And doing that LO really got me thinking about what does that age mean to me. What does any age mean to me.
It's easy to say that it makes no difference, and truly, most days I really do feel like it means nothing but the actual number of years I'm alive. But there are other days. The ones I don't much like. The ones that get you thinking more seriously about what you've achieved in life and what have you got to show for yourself.
So I've got a few diplomas, and basically I learned that I can get good grades if i only so choose. I also learned that I love studying, so that became a big part of my life. I'm always learning something.
And I finally got a new job (after almost 3 years being unemployed), but in truth I'm still waiting for it to really start. For now I work on an hourly basis, and in a short few months (hopefully only one) I'll move on to full time.
And I finally had the courage to open my own blog online and share a bit of myself, something I'm learning to do more and more each day.
And I have a wonderful family, comprised of my father, two older sisters, and two gorgeous nieces, which I love to death.
I have friends. Good friends. Loving friends.
And I have my art, my craft.
What more does one person need?

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Hagit said...

Happy Birthday! Very touching post.