Monday, October 29, 2007

An apology

I want to apologise to all the designers of the kits I used to create my Quick Pages.

I honestly thought sharing my quick pages was a good thing, and I didn't realise it was illegal and against your TOU.

I'm Sorry.

After reading a few comments on my blog last night I immediately took off the download links, so as not to expand the violation.
Today I finally got home and to my mail. I received some mail messages from several designers, to which I responded.

This really was an honest mistake and not a willing piracy act.

Then I saw I have more comments on my blog, so I went to read those. I felt really bad realising that by sharing the quick pages I made, which was supposed to be a good thing - I ended up hurting people.

Thank you for the one who understood that if I wanted to commit a piracy act I wouldn't have given credit. It was heart warming to see that not all immediately jumped to the conclusion that I'm a bad person.
Anyone that looks through my blog can see that whenever I posted freebie links, it was always to people's blogs or web sites, and never to the download itself.

Anyway, the download links have been removed, and the files have been deleted from 4shared.

I do apologise for the misunderstanding, and I do apologise for the hurt I caused.

1 comment:

Heather said...

I want to thank you for taking them down. And for being so quick about it. I thought it might have been an honest mistake. You did the right thing! (((hugs)))