Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A new Challenge

I've recently joined happyscrapz. They have 4 monthly challenges: Template challenge, Font Challenge, Grab Bag challenge and Surprise challenge.
This month is the first ever I've joined challenges, and I'm loving it.
I combined all 4 challenges into one LO.
The template is made by Amy W., who is hosting to challenges at happyscrapz.
The stitches and the string tie and part of the grab bag she created for the challenge.
The font is Decemberice, which I downloaded here, at the bottom of the page.
The surprise challenge was a color challenge, to NOT use the regular colors for the theme (for snow it's usually blue & white). So I went for greens.

Also. since it doesn't really snow where I live (Not in my city, anyway), I took the photos from freephoto.com. They were both taken by Ian Britton.

And here's the result:

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