Sunday, June 08, 2008

Altered Coffee Tin

Last week, on Thursday, I met some friends from one of the forums.

We decided to create an altered Coffee Tin or any other tin or box of same size, and fill it with candy.
What a great Idea!

Here's my altered Coffee Tin:

It's made basically of simple cardstock paper, in plain colors. I cut it into pieces that would fit the embossing folders of my cuttlebug. Then I embossed two pieces of each color, and I used a couple of embossing folders: Birds & Swirls on the yellow paper, Stylized Flowers ob the Orange, and Floral Fantasy on the Pink and Red.
Then I cut those embossed pieces into much smaller pieces, and started gluing them to a base paper, creating a collage of colors and textures.
When Finished, I glued the collage to the Tin, and covered the whole think with a clear self-adhesive film.
The top used the same technique of embossed papers, and I cut circles using different styles of scissors.

Hagar got my tin, and I was really pleased, cause she seemed to love it, and I love that the person receiving my creations really loves it.

I got a beautiful box from Adi, and here it is:

It was filled with chocolate and candy!

Did I mention it was a great Idea???

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