Friday, August 03, 2007


OK, another wonderful challenge from "All About Eve":
"What is that one place or one thing that makes you forget everything?"

Not an easy answer for me, cause there is not one thing. There are many many things for me.

Credits: Paper: Lime Daisy by Kim Smith; Overlay: Twist by Kirsty Wiseman; Two pictures from (roast turkey and Mazda3), both by Ian Britton; the books are different version of covers for the latest HP Book I found over the Internet, and the movies wallpapers are taken from
The painting and the beaded doll are my own creations.

While I was dealing with this challenge I started wondering why is it that I have so many ways to escape... The thought that it might be because I have so much to escape from was a bit scary, but one I can obviously not ignore.
I mean, many people enjoy many things in their lives, but those things do not turn into "escapes" for them...
and me, I tend to find myself sometimes so engrossed in the things I do, that the world stops existing for a while. Isn't that the perfect escape?

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Je@net said...

Love your take on this challenge! It's great!