Friday, August 03, 2007

Thank God For Antibiotics

It all started last week, Exactly a week ago actually, with a simple head-ache. Or, at least that's what I thought.
Over the weekend it grew and grew and by Sunday morning it had already developed into a Major Major migraine. "The migraine from hell", I called it.
I could hardly move. Everything hurt. Light, sound, movement, even the heat was against me.
Since the last migraine I had was over three years ago, my migraine pills were outdated.
So on Sunday morning I went looking for an emergency doctor appointment, for someone who could give me a prescription for my migraine pills. Luckily, I found a very nice young doctor, who gave me exactly that, after a short examination.
That afternoon I already felt a lot better, so I saw no reason to cancel the birthday plans I made for that day. Honestly - would you? My nieces were just waiting to meet with me and give me the drawings they made for me in kindergarten, and I was feeling better with the pills, so why cancel? So I went.
Truth be told, I had a great time at dinner, until my head started pounding again... and I had a lousy night after that, an even lousier day on Monday and by Tuesday I decided I need to see a doctor again. I had already finished more then half a packet of migraine pills, where usually 3 are more then enough... Besides, another worrying symptom appeared - my entire belly area got swollen, red and hard for the touch - and all overnight!!
So Tuesday afternoon I went to see my doctor.
If I could paint a picture of her face when she finally saw my belly ! She crossed out everything she wrote up until then and straightened out.
Turns out it was not a migraine at all! Turns out it's some kind of infection, one that imitates the symptoms of a migraine...
Anyways, she gave me lots of antibiotics, and an instruction to eat and drink and rest a lot.
Thank Goodness, today I feel so much better, I even went to see my niece's kindergarten play, and she was amazing!
I even fell so much better that I finally finished my LO for "All About Eve", which I will put on the next post...
Thank God for Antibiotics!!

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