Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Memorial Day

One of the hardest days in Israel is today. Memorial Day. It's a day of sadness, of crying, of remembrance.
Today we cry over all the sons, daughters, fathers and mothers who fell and died in all Israeli wars.
Being that is hard enough. What makes it harder in my eyes, is the fact that tomorrow, right after Memorial Day ends, Independence Day starts.
It does have a sense, in a way, being that the wars have led to our Independence, but the sharp change from crying and sadness to laughing and happiness is too hard sometimes. Most times.

Being the empath that I am I promised myself that this year I wouldn't open the TV, wouldn't listen to stories, wouldn't listen to the songs that are so special for this day, that touch the very core of emotions in me.
And as always, I can't seem to pull away. It's like there's a little masochistic piece in me that has to listen, has to see, has to feel, has to be a part of it.
I'm not even thinking about tomorrow. I'm just breathing slowly right now, trying to get over tonight...

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