Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Another Month... Another Challenge

I think I mentioned before about the challenges we now have in the Israeli Forum for scrapbooking. Since April is the month of Passover, which is also known as "Festival of Freedom", Keren decided to challenge us with the subject of Freedom.

What is freedom to you?

After taking a long time to think about it, I came to realise that I have lots of freedom: to be who I am, to do what I want. But there were two things that kept coming to me, as items I would LOVE to be free of...

So that's my page. My wishful thinking. My dreams that will never happen in this lifetime, for these are curses I have no control over...

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Alpha: LT_RD_Wallflower_DSF_Alpha

I always associate Black and Red with pain.

Prurigo is an annoying disease. It's a skin condition. It itches all the time. and it's very anesthetic... And the worst part is they STILL don't know what causes it!

Being an empath can be a blessing if you can cope with it, or control it. Being an empath means you feel what other people are feeling.
In my case - I feel people's pain. Lots and Lots of pain.
It's really overwhelming sometimes...


Anonymous said...

Hi Liones,

I live in the US. We share the same skin condition, Prurigo Nodularis. I just found out the medical term for what I had just this year. After suffering for at least 7 years, I found a dermatologist who actually knew about the condition. This disease has been a nightmare. As women, have beautiful skin makes us feel better about ourselves. My arms, legs and lower back are severly scarred. I can't wear shorts, skirts or sleeveless tops. These fashions are very popular in Americ

Anonymous said...

Hi, Liones,

I ran out of comment space. I will continue my story. I have learned not to think negative about my condition. I try to be thankful for all the good things that I have. My husband is very supportive and says it doesnt matter that I have scars. I only wish I could go swimming with my kids or have fun at the water park. I like you site. It is very inspiring. Please blog me back.

lioness said...
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lioness said...

Dear anonymous,

Please e-mail me directly to

I would love to talk to you.